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The North Thompson Valley is nature at its best. A recreational haven for outdoor enthusiasts is hundreds of lakes and rivers brimming with aquatic adventures from swimming, boating, water skiing and fishing. Experience the rush of white water rafting to the serenity of paddling a canoe on a lake so calm the skyline is reflected in its water.

Backcountry trails offer leisure hikes for the novice, to rock climbing and mountain biking for the more experienced and adventurous. There are many Provincial Parks that offer camping or guided tours. Set your own pace and view spectacular scenery from horseback or helicopter - your destination is limited only by your imagination.

The North
Thompson Valley…

was once the busy highway of the First Nations people and, later, the fur traders, gold prospectors, ranchers and settlers. The stunning scenery and surroundings beckon travellers to explore the area using a range of transportation from horseback and helicopters, to ATVs, snowmobiles and white water rafts.